Choosing the Best Flooring Options for Commercial Kitchens

Even on your commercial property, your kitchen will still be the heart of your establishment. Why?

Because that’s where the food is!

But on a more serious note, that is where your employees will feel most relaxed. The kitchen is not a place where they need to act professional, it’s a homey environment where they can take their time, make tea, eat some food and gossip.

Therefore, your commercial kitchen will receive a lot of traffic, especially if you have more employees. As the owner of this establishment, you have to choose the best flooring type, to ensure that your floors stay gleaming, even when it’s being used by hundreds of people.

Characteristics of High Quality Commercial Kitchen Flooring

  • Safety –Your floors must be slip-resistant. Kitchens are subject to spills and therefore, there are higher risks of slip and fall incidents.
  • Clean –The floor should be easy-to-clean, especially since you’re using basic cleaning agents.
  • Infection Control –The floors should be pre-treated so there are no worries about any fungal growth or allergies.
  • Comfortable –The floor should be comfortable enough to stand on and spend time on.
  • Beauty –The floor should be aesthetically pleasing enough so that it supports your choice of interior design

Which Option Should You Choose?

Ceramic tiles

Available in porcelain and non-porcelain, ceramic tiles are durable and easy-to-clean. Usually treated with melted glass glaze to protect them from wear and tear, these tiles are widely used in commercial properties. However, they can break easily if they’re not installed properly, so you may need to find a reliable installation service to get the result you want.

Vinyl Flooring

Made with a mix of synthetic and natural polymers, vinyl flooring is of three types; luxury vinyl tile (LVT), sheet flooring and vinyl composition tile. LVT and sheet flooring are usually the better options because they’re made of limestone material and some composites. They’re also heat-resistant, water and stain resistant, are durable and can be printed in any design.

VCT however, is made with limestone, thermoplastic binder filler and color pigments and requires a full process so it can be protected, making it an expensive and frankly, poor option for a commercial property.

Natural Stone

Slightly more expensive than your average laminate or vinyl, natural stone flooring is nevertheless the best option for commercial kitchens. Naturally quarried, stone is the most popular choice in commercial environments, mainly because it’s aesthetically pleasing, unusually strong and heat-resistant and only requires regular maintenance. It is also stain resistant, and durable against daily wear.

Need Some Help for Your Commercial Kitchen?

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