Glass Tile San Diego

Glass tile is one fantastic product. Compared to conventional ceramic tiles, the variety, colors, sizes, shapes and patterns are much more prolific. Glass tiles are just as easy to install as ceramic tiles and can cost less. Glass tile is typically installed on bathroom walls, tub surrounds, shower enclosures, swimming pools, kitchen backsplashes and countertops. Glass tiles are also used in a wide variety of craft projects like tables, mosaic garden spheres, benches and Tiffany-style lamps. With so many different applications and products, it's no wonder why glass tiles are so popular. Learn the basics of glass tile so you can create your own glass tile mosaic home improvement project today!

While glass tile is very versatile when it comes to designing, it is very delicate, being made from glass. Areas that are heavily used can easily incur damage to the tiles, quickly ruining your hard work.

Kitchen countertops that double as a chopping board are not the best place for glass tiles.

Floors are another prime example of areas that may be questionable for installing glass tiles. While it is possible to use glass tiles in flooring, besides being easily damaged, glass tile when it gets wet can be very slippery and dangerous. Using a larger percentage of grout to glass can help solve those problems.

Other areas to avoid installing glass tile are areas where hot and cold temperatures vary greatly throughout the day. Stress from expansion and contraction can easily make glass tiles crack. Stay away from windows and doors where sunlight and outdoor weather that can make glass tiles break, split and crack. Using a crack resistant membrane can reduce and eliminate cracking glass tile. These sheets of asphalt membrane allow the glass tile to flex during expansion and contraction. Never apply glass tile to any cracked substrates without using one of these membranes.

While there are a few places where glass tiles aren't a great idea, most vertical surfaces are perfect for glass tiles. They can easily be manipulated to fit into just about any home improvement project. Glass tiles can be cut using a wet tile saw or a glass tile scorer and holes can be drilled through for plumbing pipes and electrical outlets.

One of the most impressive ways that glass tile is installed is through mosaics. A cornucopia of mosaic manufactured sheets easily allows the average tile installer to create works of art with ease.

Single pieces of glass tile allow installers to create custom mosaics that would be nearly impossible with conventional tiles.