Glass Tiles: What’s Great About Them And Where Can They Be Used?

We all know that glass is a popular material used around the world for various purposes. This also includes flooring and walls.

Glass tiles are quite popular in homes and this is largely because they are aesthetically appealing and don’t cause damage to the environment.

These are especially popular in bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. Let’s take a look at what makes them so popular and some of their uses.

Different Types of Tiles

No, glass tiles do not just come in clear and shiny finishes. The fact is that they are available in different finishes and colors for example; you can either choose transparent or opaque glass tiles.

Similarly, glass tiles are also available in rough and shiny finishes. The point is that glass tiles are available in different designs.

What Makes Them So Great?

We have already stated that glass tiles are available in different designs but that’s not the only reason why they are so great. Some additional benefits of glass tiles include:

1. Versatility

Glass tiles can be installed in any part of your home. You can install them near swimming pools, walls, floors and even in the kitchen. What’s even better is that they can be arranged in different patterns which make them look even more stylish.

2. It’s Easy to Shape Glass

Glass is malleable and can be shaped easily. This makes it an affordable flooring option. You can buy it in bulk and ask the manufacturer to change them into any shape that you like. Simply put, unlike conventional flooring options, glass is customizable.

3. Doesn’t Harm the Environment

Glass is recyclable and it doesn’t cause any kind of damage to the environment. In fact, post-industrial glass is made of pieces of broken and discarded glass.

In addition to that, refitting the glass is also a lot easier, though there is a catch. Unlike other flooring options, glass floors require higher level of heat. Plus they are also comparatively heavier because of which it’s harder to transport them than their alternatives.

Future Outlook

Due to its versatility, we can safely say that glass is here to stay and in the next few years glass flooring options will continue to gain more popularity.

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