How to Keep Ceramic Tile Floors Clean

Ceramic tiles have been all the rage when it comes to modern flooring options. Innovations in technology and infinite combinations of styles, colors, patterns and textures have made ceramic tiles hard to beat in terms of beauty, durability and versatility. All these qualities of ceramic tiles make them perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and even home entry floors.

Although ceramic tile are generally easy to maintain, it doesn’t mean you should just forget about maintenance after you’ve had them installed. A little upkeep is required if you expect your ceramic flooring to look fresh and beautiful even after a decade. More importantly, flooring of areas such as kitchens and bathrooms should be kept as clean and hygienic as possible.  Here are some guidelines on how to keep your ceramic tiles in sparkling condition.

Avoiding Scratches

Ceramic tiles are composed of a mixture of natural clay and finely ground sand which is heated at very high temperatures. This process makes ceramic tiles very tough and scratch resistant. However, if ceramic tile surfaces aren’t regularly cleaned, dust and debris starts to accumulate. The dust particles act as abrasives that cause lots of minute scratches which result in the tiles losing their gloss. To avoid scratches on ceramic tile floors, it’s important to vacuum and sweep regularly.

The Tile Guys cleaning the bathroom floor

Keeping the Grout Clean

One of the most important aspects of maintaining ceramic tile floors is keeping the grout clean. Keeping your tiles in spotless condition is useless if the grout is dirty. Dirty grout spoils the look of tiled floors and makes them look dingy.

Unlike the tiles, grout is porous and absorbs dirt and grease very quickly. The stains can be removed by spraying a commercial grout cleaner or a bleach solution and scrubbing it off with a nylon brush. A mixture of baking soda and water can be used to eliminate the more stubborn stains. Remember to wear protective gloves when using such products.

Cleaning Ceramic Tiles that Have Been Stained

Spills are common occurrence in homes, especially in the kitchen area. Moreover, children and pets track in mud from outside. These daily messes can cause your ceramic tile floors to become stained. The best way to avoid stains is to clean up spills and mud as soon as you spot them. However, if the spill wasn’t cleaned up in time, you don’t need to panic. Stains caused by coffee and juice spills can generally be cleaned by just water and detergent. Grease stains are a bit more stubborn and may require cleaning with a commercial floor cleaner or club soda.

Ceramic tiles that have been professionally installed are the easiest to clean and last the longest! If you are in San Diego looking for a professional tile contractor, look no further! From granite and natural stone tiles to Mexican tiles, The Tile Guys install them all. Contact us for an installation estimate and more details.

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