Slip Resistance Ratings: All You Need To Know

As surprising as it sounds, slip and fall incidents are commonplace in United States. They can lead to serious injuries and we are quite sure you wouldn’t want to be a victim of something like that.

This is why it’s so important to pay attention to the slip resistance rating. Let’s take a look at what it is.

Floor Ratings

Basically floor ratings are values which architects and engineers use in order to determine the slip resistance of the floor. So how do these people determine the slip rating of the floor?

They test it by attaching the floor type to a ramp and by applying oil on it. The ramp is then raised and a person is asked to walk on it. They walk a few steps back and then a few steps forward while wearing boots and a safety harness.

They continue the process until they slip. A computer is used to measure the R-ratings and these are based on the angle at which the person slips.

This is just one of the tests that can be used to determine the slip resistance rating of the floor.

Other Tests

Professionals also use the slip alert and coefficient of friction test in order to determine the rating of the floor. If done right, both of these tests can be effective at determining the risks associated with walking on the floor.

The best part of slip test is that they can be used to determine the slip resistance rating of both dry as well as wet floors.

You can also use the pendulum floor in order to determine the slip rating. This test mimics heels when they touch the floor and the test results are based on the pendulum test value. If the value lies between 0–24 then there is high slip potential.

All of these slip resistance ratings are used to determine the friction of the service in different environment conditions.

Why Are These Tests Important?

As stated earlier, determining the slip rating can help reduce chances of slipping and getting injured. People might argue that their floor is always dry and therefore, they don’t need the test but that’s not exactly true.

Moisture can seep through at anytime therefore we suggest that you determine the slip resistance of the floor. Also we suggest that you rely on experts like The Tile Guys to meet your flooring needs.

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